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22 August 2019

Too Coward

The sun was hot as my clothes go round in the dryer. You grabbed me by the hand. We stood out in the streets- as if you wanted everyone in the block to know.

People busied along with their coffee cups. Noises of winning streaks fill the air. You opened your mouth and the warm breeze turned to cold. I suddenly felt dizzy. My head was spinning.

I fell to my knees. I wept and pleaded.

"Please do not end it."

I was a coward. Too coward to be alone.

Now, if I could only turn back time, if we could only go back to that particular Saturday morning... My clothes will be dried under the sun. I will see you, but will not follow you outside.

Nobody will hear what you will say. The hum of the fan will muffle the painful whispers.

"It's over."

Yet, those words will never leave my mouth first. I will still be a coward, but I will not feel dizzy. My head won't spin. I will compose myself calmly, and hold back my tears.

I won't plead for you to take me back. So tell me, either way, will you change your mind? Will you stay?

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