Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles sadness stories

yellowbug pandora's box of suppressed emotions
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06 October 2019

Bathroom Tiles

I tried my best To let it all rest Inside the nest Buried in my chest

Nonetheless These are a mess I want to undress Cut out the finesse

Indecipherable mumble Thoughts are in rumble Fingers don't just fumble All burst like bubble

Words flew untimed The music has died For years I lied These can no more hide

Tears as hot as fire Patience thin as a wire Angry as a dire Bluer than sapphire

Sitting in the shower Spine cowering lower Losing all my power Tirer by the hour

To God my hands pray Please take me away How can everyday Be better than today?

Watch this episode Where bombs just explode Heavy is the load Launched by the code

Pierced by the shards Lost are the guards Stow the playing cards Send all my regards

To the voices in my head Drag me now to bed My veins have all bled Soaking in a pool of red

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