First Kiss
First Kiss kissing stories

yellowbrickroad Community member
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a poem about two teenagers kissing in the middle of the night

First Kiss

your eyes linger on mine

at two in the morning

and it's too late for me

to turn away

we laugh nervously in the dark

drunk off lukewarm vodka

and the desperation to connect

with each other

we shift closer together

shivering from some distant cold

(or maybe from each other...)

How have I overlooked that

your eyes have a little gray in them?

they resemble a storm

forming over the sea

or the moment before

the sun begins to rise

I wonder how long

my eyes have met your gaze

or how long

my hands have been holding yours

your cheeks a shade of red

that surely matches mine

the scent of a frayed cigarette

still lingers on your lips

but I don't mind at all

your hand reaches

to caress my cheek

and you're pulling me in

my mind forgets to think

as you begin to kiss me

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