My Blood Pt. 1
My Blood Pt. 1 tylerjoseph stories

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For all of you Twenty One Pilots fans, here's Joshler
No smut I promise

My Blood Pt. 1

A Joshler fanfic, NOT MATURE, hope all you Twenty One Pilots fans enjoy

I stared up at the sky as I had been for the past half an hour. Recently I have hit a major writer's block, and I didn't know what to do.

As I drifted off into my own thoughts, I was awoken by a familiar soft voice.


"Hi, Josh."

"What're you doing laying on the grass?"

"Josh, you know this. I've had a block for---"

"I meant without me!"

Josh sat down next to me and looked up, his hand on my elbow. The warmth of his hand radiated through my skin. The night began to fall. My hair stood up on my arm as I sat up in the grass.

"I'm cold, Josh. I'm gonna go in."

Josh and my girlfriend, Jenna, were camping with me out in this huge trench. Not really camping, more like staying in a small house at the bottom of a trench.

I stopped and turned around, looking at Josh, who was still laying down. "Josh, you coming?"

"N-no I'm gonna stay out here for some more time." I nodded and let myself in. Jenna was asleep on the couch. How late was it? The digital clock flashed 9:23. Wow, late sunset.

I crawled onto the mattress on the ground and stayed there, my limbs aching from our hike.

I closed my eyes, or at least tried to. I haven't slept in a while. The doubts are coming back. The night is a bad time for me.

I had been staring at the ceiling for what seemed like hours. Sleep refused to take over me. I don't know why, but I just never sleep. It's like the rush hour of the underground of thought.

Now the night has began falling, and among my list of other problems with the night, I get scared. I don't know why. It just happens.

Does anyone out there understand? Am I the only one I know? Waging this war in my mind?

I have often asked my demons to come out in the morning. Their just scared of the light. That's when I have power. Thankfully, the day is longer than the night.

I began to shiver. It was much colder than usual today. And it didn't help that I left the door open.

I heard the shuffling about halfway through the journey I call my thoughts. I thought it was just the rustling of the bushes, but it wasn't. This seemed, heavier. And was that...breathing?

I wrapped my blanket around me and rubbed my bleary eyes as I walked outside. It was empty.

Shoot, it was empty.

"JOSH?" I called out. I was met with nothing but the echoes of my own voice. "JOSH!"

A paper swept across the ground in the wind. I caught it. Maybe Josh left a note?

"We have him. Come get us. Follow the wind, go past the old bus. We have your friend. Come get us. -NB"

Who was NB? Where was Josh?

Doesn't matter.

I threw some clothes into my bag, along with the note, a water bottle, and a map, though the map wouldn't help me at all in this vast land. I left a little note for Jenna.

I don't want her to worry.

I looked at the pic of Josh on my phone one last time.

Don't worry, Josh. I'm coming.

Pt. 2 coming soon!

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