If Hermione Granger were the Hero
If Hermione Granger were the Hero hermione granger stories

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A spinoff by 12 year old me

If Hermione Granger were the Hero

"Hermione Granger"

A long pause

"The girl who lived"

"AVADA KEDAVRA" she cried.

Death eaters trembled. She had done it. She had been the one to kill the dark lord.

But the Dark Lord wasn't dead.

He slowly stood up.

"You're smart." said he, both intrigued yet scared. "Ever considered joining me?"

"If you were to do something else. But I don't know if you've noticed, I'm a muggleborn." Hermione held her wand at the ready.

"Well, I have always wanted to do something else..."

3 years later

The "Riddle and Granger: Snake Company" sold domesticated snakes as loveable pets to kids studying at Hogwarts and other nearby wizarding schools.

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