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My Depression Story

by yaswinithepooh

SO hey guys this is my first story and this story is on my depression that i had for four years.

Depression is something that not everyone gets and to me i think no one should get because it is not a good thing to get....

I was a miserable person. I had scars everywhere even my closest friends had no dea that i had depression coz i was good in covering my depression because i acted like a normal kid

I was always happy and noone could tell what it feels to be me. My family ignored me and since I was friendly i get taken advantage easily. Thiis going on for very long i did not tell anyone

I was afraid i would cut myself . I used to call a penknife my bestfriend coz it was my best friends. Till a day came when i met a new best friend who was like me. (She also uses this app)

I met this girl who had the same birthday and then things changed. I got stronger . But i would fall back to my depressive states and the times i thot hey maybe i am alright but i was not

So after four years and now i still have my depression but i feel much better now because I am getting cured soon. I am proud of myself

I would like to thank my friends who were with me. I know this story is not that interesting and very lame but this is the true me

You can hate me but I am here to all those people that is hurting let me be your mirror. Let me show you that it is okay to have imperfection no one is perfect

Everyone goes through the same dtruggles in their own different way. We stand together in this life we make a difference .

We have to stay strong

To those who think you are ugly, you are not trust me you are beautiful just the way you are and I am jere for you guys.

See you in my next story hope you like my first story

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