The Real Truth about Waking Up Early
The Real Truth about Waking Up Early stories

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The Real Truth about Waking Up Early

by yaswinithepooh

Waking up early is something most humans hate. Its not that we don't like it I mean who can resist the bed. The comfort it provides us

The comfy blanket the comfy pillows. The perfect air.

And than our of nowhere the alarm rings thus giving us a annoying wake up call

And then you decide maybe a little snooze. Than the hell strikes . U press the snooze button so many times than you end up being late

Than you rush to the toilet where ur 30 min shower becomes 2 min. Than u come ot of the toilet thinking it was just 2 min but than u come out the toilet and a hour has past and u r late for work

So basically this is what i think happens to most of us . Thanks for reading i promise to add on

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