Beauty is something everyone has
Beauty is something everyone has stories

yaswinithepooh Depression my wattpad @goingblueblack
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This about the natural beauty inside a girl

Beauty is something everyone has

by yaswinithepooh

Beauty is natural

Beauty was originally the definition of being natural. So to me all girls are perfect . Your flaws make up for who you truly are.

Your inner self is the one that shines the outer you is fake. Believe in yourself and trust me you will start to give up your make up because most girls use make up to hide their flaws

I am here for all the girls that are hurting . Let me guide you . Let me show you you don't need to prove to anyone just be what you want to be. Don't let anyone take down the smile.

Be natural . Be brave. Be confident. Come out of your make up and let your flaws shine . Don't be afraid Just be what you want to be don't let the world bring you down

This is the end of my story i hope you guys liked it

Before i go i would like to put a part of this song by alessia cara.

"She don't see she' s perfect she don't understand she's worth it. Or that beauty goes deeper than the surface . Oh oh oh oh. So to all the girls that hurting let me be your mirror ,help you see

a little bit clearer , the light that shine within". This is my favourite part from the song.

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