No Sense Of Permanence
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no sense of permanence

No Sense Of Permanence

There is no sense of Permanence in me, It all comes and goes, In heavy sighs and light blows, I hear its bid of farewell Before it can even utter its hello.

There is no sense Of permanence in my surroundings, It plans its departure As it enters through the Arrival gates, I hear the packing of its bags Before it can even take off its shoes.

There is no sense Of permanence in my loved ones, They plan their apologies And their convenient excuses Before i can even welcome them Into my heavy arms. I hear their pitied whispers Before i can even introduce myself.

There is no sense Of permanence in my passion, She plans her disappearance Before she even reappears. I hear the sizzling of her burning out Before she was even lit on fire.

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