More stars than usual
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yashvii_ Community member
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Constellations and adoration

More stars than usual

There's more stars than usual today

in the night sky and in me

because the sunlight reflecting off your face

filled my mind with the grace

that doesn't exist in my feet

giggling and sighing and not wanting to leave

all this bliss changing the way I perceive

the world

because tonight there's more stars in me

and we need other people

to feel the warmth that exists inside us already

as arms find other arms

and necks become a place

where our breath comes out a little more easy

as peace settles itself right under our skin

and our soul brushes against the calm

making us smile at the night sky

like we made a new constellation

when we increased the stars in each other's eyes

like our breath from gasping at the sunset

floated around and mingled with the layers of air

that reached the stars and whispered to them our story

how we'd much rather sit beside each other

than fight battles for glory.

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