A turn In life
A turn In life imagination stories

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An Imaginative Story I came up, when Life changes in an instant

A turn In life

While driving (coming back from gym)

On the way to home, my eyes got paralyzed and I met an accident

I somehow managed to live but from onwards I was unable to see

Then I was frustrated and so much in agony, I wanted to let this out somehow

But now I can't play games, can't see any movies, series or cartoon

One fine day I remembered that I am an imaginative guy ASAP I called my friend scriptwriter person I met in college bonded quick, our wits matched and became friends

His passion was to write stories and screenplay

So I called him

Narrating my story

And then offering an idea

As I was unable to see, my creative abilities grew very well and my imagination flew very far

So I told him

I'll narrate stories and you will write everything...

And this is how WE lived the next life.

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