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When entering relationships you plan to be happy and grow together; but how are you supposed to plan your own heartbreak


A memory is the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information

I remember our first embrace and how I followed the need for another like rose petals leading to forever.

But no memory starts directly in the middle or the end; as people we tend to remember our happiest moments the most.

But never do we understand that the best memories have to fade for us to even know they were the best .

I remember, oh so fervently, how those same rose petals morphed themselves into the pool of blood that our love so anxiously did backstrokes in.

How that same embrace that I just knew I could stay in forever is the same embrace that I can never feel love in again .

I remember how your eyes used to dance when they looked into mines but now I’m slowly watching our memories fade right before my eyes.

I remember how you were so eager to love me and now those same words leave your lips like they’ve never belonged there.

Out of all the things I remember.... I can’t remember where it ended .

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