Anomaly (Part 1)
Anomaly (Part 1) action stories

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A cup of coffee could not bring this woman to life and yet she still gets up every morning to deal with the seriousness of the world, only this time it's in a hurry for trouble is near.

Anomaly (Part 1)

The elevator doors slid open and out stepped agent Lawrence. Her dark trousers well pressed matched her jacket, she tucked her sunglasses into her front shirt pocket.

She passed a group of similarly dressed agents and surveyed the room, looking for the Waldo in the room, the one who looked dislocated, disorganized and discombobulated.

Agent Walker was fumbling with the folder in his hand that looked like a horribly made burrito with the papers coming out from the sides.

He had one side of his buttoned-down shirt untucked from behind and had a stain already on his jacket.

He seemed disheveled and it was seen that he had not slept the night before but seemed to be holding up very well.

Agent Lawrence walked up to him and stuck out her right hand, taking agent Walker by surprise. He shuffled backward then slowly took her hand.

“Agent Walker, I’m agent Lawrence.”

“Ah, Theodora.” He said as he took out his glasses.

“We don’t use first agent Walker, refer to me as agent Lawrence always.” She stated.

Agent Lawrence had a stale demeanor which was of putting when dealing with others,

but it was her strongest weapon when confronting others and something she had learned to hone and perfect when working in this field.

Agent Lawrence believed that when dealing with dangerous things and people it was best to keep your emotions, characteristics,

and personalities away and after a rocky start she had learned not to involve herself too much, it was work and only that.

She was not happy being paired with a new agent, after 7 years as part of this part of the government it was only fair that they would leave her alone but as the directors believed,

because her seniority gave her experience it was only right to share it with the new recruits something she was not happy about.

She saw two agents walk by in space suits and was puzzled as to what was going on.

No one had informed her of the situation, only that it was urgent, of the utmost importance and that she had to hurry to the base.

Her first suspicion was that the eternals had wanted a meeting with them but didn’t think that would require her, although it would be fitting as she had slept with one of them.

Her second guess was that there had been an attack on the base which was fitting with the issues they were recently having with the turned supers but didn’t see a wrecked base and holstered

her weapon. She saw two more agents walk by with cases which looked packed with equipment and gave up trying to figure out the issue.

“Come one, rookie.”

“Awesome let's go.”

She stopped. “Don’t use that word.” She said as she turned around only to stop once again.

“Better yet, drop the enthusiasm because we could be dealing with something as simple as a coked-out pixie or as bad as a world ender.”

Agent Walker’s face went through different expressions, fear and confusion being the most recognizable.

She continued into the corridor, signaling agent Walker to follow. They passed agents who were huddled into mini groups, all were whispering, and it seemed interesting to agent Lawrence.

Something was going on and it was not the usual.

They came up to a large group of agents encircling the entrance to another corridor.

They were all peering into the hallway like students peering out the door as their teacher was being lectured by the principle. They all seemed intrigued by what was happening.

Fixed eyes at the other end and yet still hungry for more. The agents pushed through the crowd and saw five more agents who were looking into an interrogation room.

The agents were Bishop, Dudley, Foster, Fox, and Lucas.

Agents Bishop, Fox and Lucas were discussing quietly while agent Foster was on the floor in shock and tears and agent Dudley was comforting him.

Agent Lawrence walked over to them and the three agents all turned to her direction and walked over to meet in the middle.

Agent Lawrence shook all their hands, having known them for a long time and each either holding the same years of seniority as her or being off by a few years.

This was a group she could trust, and it showed as she cracked a smile although a quick and tamed one. Agent Lawrence moved to the side and introduced Walker to the group.

“It is an honor.” Said, agent Walker. “I have had the privilege to learn about each and every single one of your actions and efforts in keeping the world safe.”

They all looked at Agent Lawrence who is seemed unamused.

They were very good agents each one being trained hard to hone their skills which they did to perfection but could not hide a smirk as agent Walker obsessed over them.

He slowly piped down as he saw their faces.

“I have to be honest,” Spoke agent Bishop. “I had the opportunity to shadow you and I have to say that I still stick to saying no.”

Agent Lucas and Fox chuckled.

“Don’t be such a dick Bishop, he’s showing his admiration say thank you and move on.” Said, agent Lawrence.

“Only you get away with speaking to me like that.”

“Because I have bigger balls than any of you.”

They all laughed except for Agent Lawrence who smirked and agent Walker who was relieved she had spoken out for him.

Agent Lawrence peered over at agent Forster who was still crying.

“What happened to him?” Asked Agent Lawrence

“Knowing your awe for the weird and macabre you’re going to love this.” Answered agent Fox as she motioned for them to follow.

Agents Lawrence and Walker followed along, listening to agent Fosters crazed mumbles.

“They just exploded, it was impossible, but they did and so did she.” He said through tears.

They peered into the interrogation room, expecting to see blood and body parts everywhere only to see nothing.

Most interrogation rooms in the base had a table and four chairs surrounding it with a built-in handcuff holder as well as built-in weapons in the walls for extra measure against

any powerhouse they brought in. The room had a grey color that surrounded the walls, chairs, and table to give the room a certain ambiguous vibe.

As Agent Lawrence peered into the room, she could only see darkness except for tiny specs of glitter,

it looked as if the lightbulb had shattered into tiny pieces and spread it across every inch of the room, refracting light which was not possible without light.

The room was empty and yet agent Lawrence could tell something was off, she felt as if there was more beyond the walls as if it continued and did not end.

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