When Love gone Wrong
When Love gone Wrong intelligent-change stories

yannaselene the ambitious character
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When love gone wrong, you will become strong.

When Love gone Wrong

Through the years, I've been trying harder to be noticed by you. I changed my bad habits and tried different styles to please you. I even sacrificed many things just to be with you.

Weeks, months, and years passed yet we never had a chance. No, I never had a chance to be in your heart because you keep on loving someone's love.

I wasted money and time for you while you keep on spending money and time for her. I keep on following you around while you're constantly stalking that girl.

How foolish I am but you sure are also one. How stupid I am to be hopeful when you are clearly telling me that I am a fool.

How stupid are you to be blind in true love when it's vividly implied that you've no chance to the girl you like.

Playing dumb to love made me realize what true love is. Witnessing how you and I did the same thing and played the same game proved that love's sometimes wrong.

But you know what? I am grateful to you. Liking you taught me that love is selfless. Sacrificing things for you taught me how to love unconditionally. And loving you made me become a better person.

Thank you, my love, for helping me build myself. Thank you so much for letting me know that I can do more.

My love who will never be mine, thank you for teaching me to love myself after giving my all.

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