When Will Our Story Be?
When Will Our Story Be? love stories

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Past, present or future; when will our story be?

When Will Our Story Be?

by yangdelosreyes

It was too easy to get the words out But will it always be true enough? Even when the road became rough? Can you say it without any doubt?

I loved you. I love you. I will love you. I have loved you in the past. I am currently in love with you. I will love you, but will this last?

You were terribly good and sincere Your affections were also clear But I cannot trust you yet Because your love could be my death

Past: A lovely graveyard of memories Present: An ocean of possibilities Future: An unchartered territory When will our story be?

Can we get through the past? To have the beautiful present So in the future we might last Or will we end up with "Sorry, I can't."

We would have such a lovely story, love But what ending would we have? And if all of this would end, What good did this love lend?

Emotions were involuntary Affections might be temporary Love is extremely irrational That's why none of this is final

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