The Villain
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Everyone wants to know a secret but not everyone is ready for it.

The Villain

by yangdelosreyes

I am the villain, the enemy in my story I can hear them talking, whispering, "She's a monster, she should be sorry," With every glance, I feel them loathing

Let's have a trip down the memory lane Where I tell you how all of this began Not all monsters are made of hate Not all stories are made of pure fun

See, I was born with an angelic face I should've been patient, gentle, kind But ever since then, it was not the case They wanted to know what was inside

They thought, all I have was sunshine They assumed, all of me was kindness They said, I'm an angel, all the time They believed, all I am was gentleness

I am aware, of my very own darkness I know I am capable to be an enemy I am certain, because this is my story But they don't believe my truthfulness

Yes, my dear, I am my own villain The villain that everyone dislikes Because of the hurt and pain Of a girl no one have ever liked

Yes, my dear, I am the monster Born from sorrow and sinister My fangs and talons were sharpened Ask yourself, you know how it happened

It was too easy to stereotype me It was too easy to judge me It was too easy but not for me It was too easy, but this is my story

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