The Thief
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Maybe this time you would know who is the real thief

The Thief

by yangdelosreyes

I am a sneaky, dangerous thief I take what I want, when I want it No hesitations, I take, avoiding what ifs I steal all of it but I do not cheat

I never stole anything tangible Material things could go out of trend Gold, money, power has its own end Coz what I've wanted is off the table

I am a greedy, sinister thief I can hold you at a gunpoint just to get it Don't wanna result to violence if, Only we could have helped it

Because I have to steal the intangible Anything for a glimpse of your smile I would do everything I am able Even if you were away by miles

I am just a lonely thief Willing to lay the world at your feet But you don't seem to care That for you, I'd laid my self bare

Because of your indifference I had resulted into this kind of mess I'd do what I can to make it hurt less Because none of this made sense

I was supposed to be the thief here But why did you steal me from myself? Why am I a waiting slave in your shelf? Why am I content by having you near?

You have stolen more than my heart Now, I am trying to steal yours too Running out of plans on what I'd do Because you make it so damn hard

You were the sneaky, dangerous thief Had taken all of me in a blur Turned me into some kind of monster You have made me like yourself, a thief

A greedy, sinister, lonely thief Taking all your time and attention Selfishly having you was my intention I haven't succeeded, I'm a worthless thief

You were better than me in every way Had your heart under lock and key Shoes at the door when you couldn't stay Coz if I aint worthy, I'd just steal the key

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