The Conversation
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You cannot know what we talked about. You cannot know why we talked. It is a secret no one notices.

The Conversation

by yangdelosreyes

I looked at him, he had no emotion. His eyes were just two dark orbs that had seen too much of oblivion. He noticed my stares and asked, "What is it?" Not concern nor curiosity only nonchalance.

I looked away and forced a sad smile. Looking at our feet dangling above a void of nothingness. It wasn't always like this, he used to tell me before. I sighed and said, "I had a funny thought."

I heard a fabric ruffling and saw him smoothing up his cloak. Again. It was always silent here, so peaceful. "What was that thought?" he glanced at me and resumed packing his things.

"That in a world where everyone wants to live," I paused and looked straight into his hollow eyes, "I wanted to die."

His cold hands ruffled my hair as he stood up from the edge of the bridge we were seated. He picked up his scythe and looked at me. "I know, that's why you are already here." He paused,

Looking back at me with a little confusion on his face, he asked, "But why is it funny?" I stood up too and stretched my limbs, preparing for the travel. We always meet up in this bridge.

The bridge where I died. I am a lost soul bound to relive her death everyday because the world forced me to take my own life. Facing him before I jump into nothingness, I answered him,

"It's funny cause I am not the only one and no one notices. I suppose it was a secret no one can handle." Then I jumped. Again.

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