Flickering Lights
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We were like flickering lights<br/>One flicker away from making it or not

Flickering Lights

by yangdelosreyes

Did it really make a difference? Did we really have it real and true, Or all of this was just pretense? Please, tell me that you felt it too

I must seem like I am way over my head Because of all your signals I'd misread Was it in your intention to lead me on? Or I was just drunk with assumption

Too swift, too often, too soon You had me on a whirlwind romance You were asking for another chance You were gone like the phases of moon

You and I were like flickering lights All we had were short-lived sparks Wasn't enough to warm my nights Wasn't enough to light the dark

I had asked the wrong question, love Shouldn't have asked if this was true This is what I should've asked you: What relationship did we really have?

You were so good at playing this It was too easy to lose myself in you Because all of this has been bliss That I forgot that I was a player too

This has been one hell of experience To fall for someone's games and tricks And I knew what all of this means: My illusions and your reality can't mix

You and I were just flickering lights One flicker away from making it or not We could never burn so bright Because we'd never make the cut

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