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Letters to myself⚘

by yalinirajarajan

Every starting of the year,I write letters to myself so that I could read them on my birthday.So these are quotes from those letters which I have been writing to myself since I was 13

"Just be you! There are 7 billion people on this earth and some of them might look like you but they are not you.You are you.You are unique.You are precious."

"Love every single thing,every single person.Forgive,respect and always be kind."

"There are hidden messages in everthing,always be alert and listen to you and your surroundings.Observe everything including your dreams."

"The world in your own different way.Live your own way and appreciate and love every single thing,every single soul."

"Self care comes first.You are given this precious opportunity to be alive and live.Take care of your self,physcically for your body.Feed your mind with books and words.

And take care of your spiritual self.Give thanks and appreciate yourself.Take care of your body,mind and spirit."

And lastly,this is what I wrote last year for myself this year:"Its okay to have feelings,be infatuated.Feelings come and go,in fact its really beautiful to get such

Feelings,its okay to embrace them.Its okay to get rejected,its okay to grief over it.Its okay because its life and love is beautiful even if it is infatuation and fake."

"Learn to accept everything and always go with the flow and believe that everything happens for a reason and for your own good."

Learn .Live.Laugh.Love.Appreciate and enjoy every single thing .

Writing those letters to myself really helps me .Sometimes your inner self is the guide to your very own life.Tune and listen to yourself🤗⚘❤

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