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yaelgottesman Creative writing student.
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by yaelgottesman

She's like an open book She can be read line for line

Inviting anyone inside

To see her secrets And share her life

It's all out there Nothing is safe.

Her secrets are everyone's now.

She trusts too much; It's her biggest flaw

Trust is to be earned Not given

The sounds of rumours and lies fill her head

Spoken by the mouths of people who claim to be friends

Spoken by the mouths of people who claim to know her

Spoken by the uneducated

Tears fall Trust is betrayed People leave

Life rips apart at the seams.. And keeps ripping

And ripping..

And ripping.

She's the bad guy in every way;

The first to blame She wants her secrets back. Every one

Give them back and leave.

You're no good for her!

You never were!

The open book is now closed...

The End!

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