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I wish people knew about these things.

I Wish You Knew

by yabookprincess

I wish you knew that life isn't meant to be this hard. The downs are supposed to teach you things not only about yourself but about other people as well. And the ups are when you learn from them.

Taking everything into consideration, you make sure same mistakes are never repeated twice - unless they were worth it.

I wish you knew how to keep that flame of hope burn inside you even in the darkest of days. I wish you knew that you weren't alone no matter how much you felt like it.

I wish you knew that we live on a big, wonderful planet that's bound to have at least one person ready to listen.

I wish you knew that I love you. Your flaws, your skin tone, your religion, gender or sexuality. There is nobody like you in this world that could bring the same things to the table as you.

I wish you gave yourself a chance you give everyday to others. Admire yourself as you admire your role models. Love yourself as you love your favorite food. You are enough.

I wish people knew that life was meant to be challenging. If it wasn't, it would be boring.

I wish people knew that it helps to surround yourself with positivity even if you don't feel like it. It's better to have something uplifting on your phone than having songs that depress you.

I wish everyone had that type of friend who brought food and movies when you felt bad, who would take care of you when you are sick and who would treat you like you deserve to be treated.

I wish people knew that my life wasn't as exciting as they might have assumed. I wish I didn't feel like I was suffocating all the time as well.

I wish people knew that my opinion won't change no matter how much they scream at me.

I wish people knew that being different was exciting but lonely as well. Still, when you find someone just like you, it's all worth it. Staying true to yourself is worth it.

I wish people knew a lot of things about life that I've learned. But I would only be able to guide them.

After all, the best lessons are learned through mistakes, resulting in experiences.

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