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A short story to get in your feels with.

The poison had started steadily spreading, travelling from limb to limb, invading the blood stream. His skin had a tinge of blue to it, far from his usual olive complexion.

His hands were shaking, and his breathing was sharp and quick. His lips trembled under the pressure of his untimely death edging ever nearer.

She ran her hand through his hair, and caressed his face.

She put her forehead gently against his, humming his favourite song in attempts to soothe him, her voice wavered as she tried to hold back her tears. His breathing rapidly intensified.

He broke into a cold sweat, a single tear fell from his ice cold cheek.

She rocked him, the immense cruelty of the world finally sunk in, how could such a small boy be put through hell like this. His breathing noticeably slowed down and his pulse weakened.

She told him repeatedly how much she loves him. Finally, as she cradled him in her arms, he inhaled one last deep breath, "I'll see you soon." she promised him.

He let out a long sigh and drifted out of this world. She held his corpse close and prayed for her sanity.

His body became limp, she gathered all her strength and heaved what had been her brother, best friend and partner in crime over her shoulder.

Sobbing uncontrollably into the twilight, she laid him to rest in his bed on the bottom bunk. She gently pulled his red and black checkered flannel off him, laying it across her shoulders.

She laid him gently in his bed with the paw patrol bedding, he had always loved that show but the characters eyes seemed dull now, and had lost their glow.

She closed the bedroom door behind her, feeling as though she had failed as a sister, she carried her heavy guilt down the stairs with her.

She trailed petrol through the hallway, out the front door and down the pathway, as she reached the sidewalk,

she reached into her torn jean pockets and pulled out the lighter her and her brother had found at school that one time, a memory that seemed forever ago now.

More tears fell as she realised she would never be able to hug him again, never be able to fight over the remote with him, never be able to collect ladybugs again.

She felt as though she had been kicked in the stomach as she remembered all those times he asked to play with her but she had been selfish and said no,

but she'd give anything to be able to run their own pretend restaurant now. She peered down at the lighter and saw their initials engraved upon the smooth metal.

She gazed up at the bedroom window one last time and for a split second she could've sworn she saw him standing there smiling and gesturing for her to come upstairs as he brandished a box

of brand new Lego he wanted to build, but alas nothing had changed and he still laid on the mattress resting.

There was a ringing in her ears but she couldn't quite figure out what it was, then she realised it was her little brother screaming her name and begging her to come save him.

A flame flickered to life and she threw it to the ground, fire tore its way through the house. She wouldn't let them get him. This was only the start of the apocalypse.

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