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Her best friend has been acting strangely lately, what is he hiding?

soul mates

Phoebe and Tristan stood over Ava Langston's dead body. A fresh bullet hole implanted between her now glazed over, hazel eyes.

Phoebe had always been told she had her mother's eyes, and despised the fact that it was true.

Ava's hand, still grasping the handle of a holographic kitchen knife, twitched for the very last time.

Phoebe felt the last of her physical and emotional strength drain from her body as she fell to her knees and began sobbing uncontrollably.

Tristan still transfixed on the corpse before him, turned his attention towards the undoubtedly fragile girl beside him, and took her in his arms.

She was startled at his touch at first, because he had been acting antagonistically towards her,

but in no more than 2 seconds she eased herself against him; feeling moderately secure with him there.

Phoebe had no idea why he had been like that, it seemed as though Tristan had the perfect life; married parents, a nicely decorated bedroom, a family dog,

a humungous garden and a confirmed scholarship.

Phoebe pulled away from Tristan, he had blatantly ignored her for the previous month, and to no matter which extents she went just to get him to look at her, he did not give in.

He had made her feel like she was guilty of something unforgivable. Suddenly shaking with rage, overwhelmed by her mother's death; Phoebe started screaming at Tristan.

"What the hell, Tristan?! Where hav-", Tristan swiftly covered her mouth with his hand. Phoebe saw a look in Tristan's eyes she had never seen before, a mix of desperation, sadness and fear.

"You're gonna get us caught!" Tristan whispered urgently. Phoebe relaxed ever so slightly, breathing rapidly and sweating profusely. Tristan steadily removed his hand from Phoebe's mouth.

Tristan stared wistfully at Phoebe, admiring her every feature. Phoebe had had feelings for Tristan since the start of high school, but had never acted on it for fear of rejection.

She appreciated their friendship more than anything in the world.

A short time before Tristan's absence in her life, she could've sworn that he was looking at her differently, but remained convinced up until this exact moment that it had been in her head.

"What's happened T? Did I do something wrong? J-just tell me, I've felt so guilt-", "Stop.

" he interrupted her, "I should be the one that's sorry, it was NEVER my intention to make you feel that way. I promise." Tristan sighed deeply, maintaining eye contact.

"Then what happened?" Phoebe bit her lip, preparing for some tragic news. However she was not expecting what came next...

A short silence was shared between them, all of the rage bubbling over inside of Phoebe seemed to dissipate at the expression on Tristan's face.

At first he appeared to be trying to refrain himself from speaking the bare truth, but then it was almost as though he was weakened by only her presence.

When Phoebe took his hand into hers, she saw his eyes light up in a moment of doting. Her stomach thronged with butterflies as she noticed he was slowly but surely leaning in.

Maybe it was the immense waves of emotion that had been thrown her way, or maybe a long lost desire had revivified but she gave in to the impulses.

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