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y omnia disce
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Short story-poem-comic-thing. I'm not really sure what it is guys...

Who's Listening?

Three cousins sat, legs dangling down bar stools beside a kitchen island,

Dim lights, late night barbecue outside, the grown ups are drinking again.

Phones tight in hand, ignore the band of drunken laughter shrinking,

scrolling down the Instagram feed of smiles, stories, sinking--

"You know they're listening, right?"


"Instagram, it's listening."

"The hell are you on about?"

"I'm serious. The ads, they listen, go check!"

"The hell is he on about?"

"Hey, listen, you talk about something. Name a brand and in your hand, the thing pops up: the ad!"

"So if we talk about dog food, we'll have it on our feed?"

"Was that a pun?

"Was that a pun? You disgust me."

"No! A brand, say, Starbucks! Like a mantra, say it, go!"


"Yeah, no..."

"Fine, Starbucks!

"Fine, Starbucks! We like to go to Starbucks!--"

"We never go there."


"Starbucks! I want to know more about Starbucks!

"Starbucks! I want to know more about Starbucks! Starbucks is a place, yes.

"Starbucks! I want to know more about Starbucks! Starbucks is a place, yes. Let's go to -"

"Let me guess..."

"Don't believe me? Check your feed."

"There's nothing to believe. Just shut it, yeah?"

"I'm going upstairs."

"Leaving your guests?"

"Yeah, who cares?"


"Check your

"Check your feed."

"Fine...let's see..."


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