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y omnia disce
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Once I was asked, about the different sides of me...Not exactly a chameleon, me...

(Painted on March 12, 2017)


I am not split in two, I don't have opposing sides. I never really saw the purpose Of the things I've had to hide.

There is no reason for me To step back and to trace Every single challenge And problem that i've faced.

Maybe there were few, Or maybe none at all. I know there are more fears Than being afraid to fall.

More trials and more doubts, More voices left unheard. ---I'm just a petty poet, Trying to put things into words.

These words, they are all hollow They're merely marks you see, And though they are all fragile, Each one's a piece of me.

So maybe that is why I have no clashing themes, No opposites inside me, No wild, outlandish dreams.

I may look quite solid But truly, from inside, There is nothing to be found For I have never had to hide.

You see me on the surface: In every blink and turn, And that's why i'm terrified As my cover starts to burn.

Once I am ripped to shreds, and you peak right through the tear, You'll come to realize That there was nothing there.


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