A journey of flowers
A journey of flowers rose stories

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It's so beautiful, their story... -- That I'm a part of it astounds me, every day.

(drawing done on their anniversary this year--and ++props if you spot the paperman reference ^_^)

A journey of flowers

It started with a choice, A question, and a rose. Long-stemmed, to love --rejoice! Parts poetry and prose.

The next in many hours, Without a car, he waits Through sun, through cold, through showers, he makes sure that she's safe.

For yellow flowers, life is risked: Life of sunsets, life of dew, Hanging, swaying, edge of cliffs, Proving that his love is true.

Two years, two meet, two, in love, Two -dozen roses, none with thorns-- To prove, to say, unravel of The moments shared in stars adored.

In canopies of stars they sit, With coffee, looking up, they talk. The night, in laughter, sadness, lit: This journey they, together, walk.

Three years apart, each day a climb Of mountains high, of torrents bleak. Halfway across the world, in time, He sends his roses; sends his reach.

Now, together, once again, in one vase stands a proud bouquet, Filled by loving, joyous hands, --their story told to me today.


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