Sky Born
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Black. Black was the color that I last remember.

Sky Born


Black was the color that I last remember.

Home was nowhere near I hoped it was.

For I was lost.

I woke up at the shore of this island.

It’s name I still had to find out.

The sand feels cold and the light will soon vanish.

I should get myself to a shelter.

I raised myself up.

I raised myself up but I unexpectedly flew for a fraction of time.

I was impossibly light.

Too light.

Too much lightness.

I couldn’t have lost weight.

How long was I asleep.

More than a year.

Ten years.

The breeze was cold.

Why do I feel cold.

I shouldn’t.

I landed on the damp sand.

On twos.

A bit odd I looked at my limbs.

Instead I saw something else.

It was a mortal’s lower body.

A human.

A weird creature.

Have I eaten an earth born.

That is horrid.

I would never.

Humans are poisons.

Fresh or roasted.

If we eat one we bring our own death.

How is there a human body in front of me.

Could be that I crushed it.

Yes, possibly.

I moved a bit.

But the dead thing moved.

I stopped.

Raised an eyebrow.

Tilted my head.

Funny thing is acting like a lizard’s tail.


I moved again.

And the geezer shadowed me.

The freak is doing mad stuff.

I want to shove it away.

I wanted to.

But the geezer raced it’s hand.

Is this thing a mage.

Does it want to kill me.

Dead geezer wants to kill me.

I snort.

I heard it scoff.

I fumed.

Silly thing is irritating.

I wished to immediately crush it.

But I finally realized it.

An impossibility.

The thing.

It may be me.

As I moved, it moved.

It may be that I became an earth born.

Madness couldn’t be worse.

How in the world did this take place.

I moved the petite hands that I have.

I believe I turned weak.

Puny earth born is now also who I am.

I am completely bemused.

I am now a human.

I laughed.

My lovely deep growls.

Gone forever.

Replaced with this voice.

A tear fell down my left eye.


I should not be like this.

I looked at the sky.

It looked like autumn leaves.

I don’t even miss it yet.

My life.

I don’t even miss flying.

Or diving.

Or scaring off puny birds.

Like flocks of seagulls.

The sun is a minute to setting.

I remembered.

I forgot about getting sheltered.

The darkness is dangerous.

Mostly shadow beings appear when it’s dark.

That weird pair of old wings.

Old wings Gargon.

He’s really a grudge keeper.

He always hunts this poor individual.


Who freed his hostage.

A princess.

She was from the northern lands.

Those people gave me thousands of meat.


To save their princess.

A princess to be wed as offering to another land.

I didn’t want to, believe me.

But then they offered a human.

Those crude things.

To kill me all of a sudden.


I ran far from the shore.

The dry sand was warm.

It was inviting.

And my nose seems to turn to stone.

I stayed.

Sat down.

I wanted to lay down.

Yes, take a light nap.

But a loud roar I hear.


I stood up.

Gargon is coming.

I ran far from the beach.

Took cover under this now big tree.

I tried to lean on it.

It fell to the ground.

It cracked like dried leaves.

Weak thing is always weak.

I shrank haven’t I?

I looked for another cover.

But no Gargon came.

No Gargon.

No pair of wings.

No slices of the air.

Did Gargon die.

How long was I asleep.

A year.

A decade.

Half a century.

It couldn’t be.

The poor Gargon looked for me til his death.

That poor wings.

His dear princess wed off to those crude things.

Was she not happy.

She looked sad parting from Gargon.

That poor Gargon.

He looked sad parting from the princess.

What could I have done.

The earth borns were trying to poison me.

Trying to cut their hands and slip some to my food.

Crude earth borns.

I flew away from my home.

Avoiding those horrid acts.

One human tied itself to me.

Such persistence.

Irritating small creature.

Thought I was leading it to Gargon.

I let it fall down to the lake of Harchel.

Harchel was Harchel.

Harsh to the silly creatures since old times.

The biggest questions we ask.

Why kill them with arms.

Not let them just drown.

Harsh thing never answered me.

Now I won’t be able to ask again.

No Harchel.

No pair of flippers.

No one lurks in the deep.

Did Harschel die?

I ran away from the oceans.

I ran away from the skies.

I hid under the forest.

The forest is now big.

The forest I once stepped on, now takes care of me.

Who could have done this?

Turned me into flea.

Turned me into the weakest being there could be.

Now I am one of them.

Those who claims the smartest of us here.

But worships things unfathomable and bleak.

I am now a mortal, ones that are easy to kill.

I am now an earth born.

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