Why did you leave?
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xxxima88 random thoughts
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I have numb myself to people leaving me, but why were you different?

Why did you leave?

I have numb myself to people leaving me..

..but why were you different

..why did it hurt when you changed

..why did I feel empty when you left

..why did it burn a hole in my chest

why... that's all I have been asking myself lately?

Didn't you promise you wouldn't leave?

didn't you promise we would see each other soon?

didn't you promise to hug me and hold my hands?

why did you promise me that when you knew you wouldn't bother

I miss you

I miss you teasing me

I miss you flustering me

I miss how we made each other feel

I miss you whole

Do you even miss me?

Was I even important to you as you were?

What did I do to make you disappear

Am I at fault

Please I just need an answer

Can you hold me one more time

Cause the smile you brought to my face was the only thing to lift me up

Cause the laugh you made me let out held me back from crying

Cause the warmth you brought to me kept my heart from turning cold

I need you

I need to see you

hold you kiss you

I need to understand where everything to a turn

So why would you leave?

Why did you act like you cared when you clearly didn't?

Why hurt me in the worst way possible?

Leaving me when knowing it's my biggest fear...

Can you answer these questions? cause I can't seem to find the answer.

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