Lightning In A Broken Bottle pt7
Lightning In A Broken Bottle pt7 shinkami stories

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Chapter Six {Shinsou}

Lightning In A Broken Bottle pt7

Chapter Six


Dad, I mean, Aizawa walks in and I shove Denki off my lap

"Oof" He said as he hit the floor.

"Sorry" I whisper to him. I look up at dad, I mean, Aizawa Sensei, "Hi Sensei, you had a fast nap"

"Yes I did then remembered that I left my coffee in here." Looking back and forth between us. "Shinsou you can leave, Kaminari a word please?"

I help Denks with his stuff and slip a note in his pocket while touching his ass. "Bye Denks Bye Aizawa" I wave them bye and left.

I walked out the door and ran into Kirishima.

"Oh hey, Kirishima right?" I ask.

"Yeah listen, if you ever and I mean EVER hurt Denki I will kill you myself. Got it?" He said then he put on his toothy grin. "Just thought you should know" and walked away.

"Well that was intense"

I walked to my dorm room.

Put my stuff down next to the door.

I sat on my bed.

Waiting and smiling playing on my phone


Sorry for such a short chapter

I'll try and make the next one longer

Bye Bye

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