A leaf with a message.
A leaf with a message. stories

xxwisteriaxxInexplicably in love with words.
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"Autumn isn't just about breezy weather and thick clothes,
it's also about beautiful leaves with imperfect veins of orange and red, not perfect, but beautiful"
A poetic story about a leaf with a message.

A leaf with a message.

by XxWisteriaxX

The leaf fluttered through the crisp air.

It fluttered behind trees, through trees, greeting other leaves without a single care.

It flew through the fall night.

It's aim was to deliver a message to a girl in white.

Finally, it saw her.

the girl with the mysterious aura. She stood with her black hair wild and her pale skin paler, with her pink lips withered and her green eyes focused, with the wind dancing on her calm body.

The leaf rested on her outstretched arm.

It startled her, the faint touch of the leaf did. But, it did her no harm. So, she picked it up and gave it a read, what followed was a gasp and a soft smile.

The leaf held a message.

'Follow me' the leaf said. So she listened to what she read, with a smile gracing her delicate lips. and her eyes looking for a certain twist.

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