Her Eyes

xxtallgiraffexxI try. But I can't promise i'm great.
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Only a woman with those eyes could make someone feel safe, It was her beautiful, blue eyes.

Her Eyes

by xXTallGiraffeXx

Her eyes,

Her eyes reminded me of the ocean

Her eyes were beautiful.


Her eyes made me crave more of her

Her eyes were my drug.

I'm addicted to her look.

Her eyes are the reasons I'm sane.

It was her eyes which I needed to discover.

Her eyes make me want to learn more about her.

She doesn't know it yet.

But her eyes are one of a kind.

Not one person has the same impact on me;

It makes me wonder why the gods have chosen her to have those eyes of a goddess.

They somehow make me feel safe.

Only a woman with those eyes could make someone feel safe.

It was those beautiful, blue eyes.

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