Thank you guys >w<
Thank you guys >w< q+a stories

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Thank you guys >w<

Whooo! Thank you all sooooo much for over 1000 likes!! You guys are amazing, and 50 followers? I legit don’t deserve any of you. You are all so amazing, but seriously, 1000 likes? I’m so happy, thank you all >w<

And I’ve been on this account for what- a little over a week?

Also these poems I use all came from somewhere right 😂 You all have probably seen the name at the end of them all, and you see that they aren’t mine? Yeh ;-; I actually use a website where I find these AMAZING and underrated poems, that I share with all of you, if any of you guys want to check out the poems, that YOU can shout out too, message me, because my hands hurt from writing this :D

So the fact that you guys like the poems just as much as I do, it makes me happy, because I know I’m making you guys happy (hopefully)

aLsO- Im doing the QnA I was supposed to do on my OTHER account (wich is dead now) @someonekillmeee So, here it is <3

Q:what is your Sexuality? A: I am pansexual ;3 Q:what gender are you exactly? A:im actually gender fluid, but I usually say I am a girl when you ask Q:where do you live? A: Mars Q:do you give any sh*ts about corona? A:lol no

Q: how old are you? A: in twelve but if I don’t know you and you ask I say 14 ;-; Q: What do you think about pineapple on pizza? A: OH HELL NO. Q: are you suicidal..? A: I mean no kinda, but I still think about ending myself whenever I feel stressed or sad.

Q: what’s your favorite movie? A: miss peregrines home for peculiar children (I don’t think I spelled it right😅) Q: are you... you know? Like homophobic? A: no, I will gladly stab whoever is tho- Q: what’s ur favorite color? A: any color pastel or grey (I’ll show you what I mean by grey, click right ;3)

Q: do you have siblings? A: sorta? I don’t have any older siblings but my mother is pregnant with my soon-to-be brother Q:do you listen to podcasts? If so what’s your favorite? A: yes I do :D My favorite is called “creepy” it’s actually the only one I listen to Q: any pet- peeves? A: hmm. I don’t think so, but I get triggered by some things

Q: do you watch 18+ stuff? A: if by that you mean p**n or s***ual things then nO- Q: why do you make so many depressing poems? A: because I can >:))) Q: are you taken? A: uh- kinda weird to ask but yeah- Q: are you gAe~ A: yessir >:3

Q: how do you like ur COFFEE A: I don’t :> Q:does anything make you so mad you just want to stab it? A: lol yes, my moms frickin weirdo husband :D Q: anything trigger you? A: yessir, shiny foods :> (I know it’s weird lol) Q:do you have a bucket list? A: a wut-

Q: what’s your account password? A: HahYouTried1123 Q: have you ever lied to someone A: yes, almost every day :D (not in commaful tho lol) Q: where do you find these poems? A: somewhere ;3

Q: do you have a favorite book? A: Yes :D it’s called “Daughter of the Moon” Q: do you like anime A: have you even SEEN my posts? Q: what is something you value a lot? A: don’t really know what that means but I guess I value gifts given to me :3

That’s all! And thank you once again <3 And happy holidays o(≧v≦)o Byeee ^^ -BlurryFace

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