Dragon's Eyes
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My future came together perfectly, all because of m Dragon's eyes.

Dragon's Eyes

"You can't let anybody find out your secret ok Mercy?" I looked at dad with a face that would say (Really? You think i don't know that?) and I walked out.

I'm Mercy, I'm 18 and so are all my friends. I have red hair, and i'm super tall. I'm a hybrid of a demon, a dragon, and an angel. My right eye changes depending on my emotion. But my left eye..

Stays red. So I hide it with an eye patch. It's my first day at a college for humans. I hide my wings, tail, and horns so I seem normal.

"Hey! New girl! Come here!" When I turned my head to see where the voice was coming from, It was two girls. a Blonde girl with light blue eyes, and a red haired girl with green eyes.

The red haired girl spoke up. "Hi! My name is Angelica! And this is Zara!" I noticed Zara was wearing a hood, but I could still see her face. She had a crown I think under the hood.

I introduced myself and asked me if I wanted to have a sleepover after school with them. "Sure! Who's house?" They looked at each other and then back to me. "Can you host it?" I nodded.

Zara asked something before we went off to class. "Also, is it ok if I invite some other people?" I nodded as we walked off.

When they arrived I saw three boys before them. The one that stood out was in the middle.

He had dark black hair, white eyes, and I swear I saw a fang in his mouth but I didn't worry about it. The boys went into the bathroom to get changed, and the girls and I changed in my room.

When the boys walked in, they had no shirts on. I thought "C'mon man. Really?" The girls both yelled "SENPAI!" then passed out. I was left standing there awkwardly.

I thought of something that usually worked. "1.....2.....3" and when I said three they woke up.

They chuckled and then Zara had an idea of what we could do. "I have an idea! How about we play, Who's most likely to?" We all agreed and got our signs with everyone's name on it.

The other boys both had brown hair. The one to the left of my crush had green eyes and had blue boxers. The one to the right of my crush had yellow eyes and red boxers.

"Wait! I still don't know everybody's name!" They all nodded and introduced themselves. The boy with green eyes was named Zach. I think that's Zara's crush.

Then the boy that had yellow eyes was named Anthony. I think they liked each other to. My eyes stopped on the boy in front of me. "What's your name?"

" My name is Milo." Then he gave off a little smirk to me. They all gasped after he did that. but.. they were all looking at me... "What?" I looked into Milo's eyes.

"Your right eye changed color..." I thought (No! This can't be happening now! I just met these people.. They must think I'm a freak to..) I stuttered for words. "uh... i..

I'll be right back!" I ran into the bathroom to look in the mirror. My right eye was pink which meant I was in love..

Was I really in love with this guy? I mean I just met him!" I sighed and went back out.

"Don't worry about my eye.. Hey! How about we play Truth or dare instead? It's easier." They all agreed with me and we put the signs away. "I'll go first.

Milo! Truth or Dare?" He thought about it for a second. "Dare." I chuckled evilly and I could see the regret in his eyes." I dare you to..

Kiss your crush!" His eyes went wide and he blushed hard from embarrassment. The girls were looking at me and the guys were looking at me as well. He came up to where I was.

"Can you stand up and move?" so I did that. I thought (I'm not his crush... Why do I feel so hurt? I barely knew him..) He helped me up after I sat down and I was confused.

My eye at the moment were black which meant I was sad or hurt. It depended on the situation.

He slowly leaned in and kissed me and everyone around us was chanting "Ship!" and I swear I heard Zara say; "MY SHIP HAS SAILED!"

We both sat down and it was his turn. Everyone had gotten dared to kiss their crush. Zara had kissed Zach, Angelica had kissed Anthony, and Milo had kissed me.

Once it was Angelica's turn, she turned to me. "Mercy! Truth or Dare?" I grinned as I picked my answer. "DARE!" She chuckled evilly and I immediately regretted my decision.

"I dare you to take you eye patch off." I gulped as I felt everyone's eyes look at my red eye once I took my eye patch off. I watched as they all backed away from me in fear.

"I'll just go now.." I head to the door and went to the beach near my house to clear my head. I put my eye patch on and put my head in my hands as I doubted my existence.

"Why does everybody think I'm a freak because I have different color eyes? I can't help it that I'm a hybrid.." I heard a low voice behind me say something.

"You're a hybrid?" I turned my head to see everybody there.

I nodded and turned back to the ocean. "Can we see your transformation?" I looked at Milo as he sat down next to me. "If you want to be more scared than you are now, than sure.

" I transformed and they all looked at me. Not in fear, but in awe. They looked up and down at all my extra features. I had dragon / demon horns, a dragon tail, and angel wings.

My right eye had turned light blue (It's normal color) and my left eye stayed red. I heard somebody ask me something.

"What can you do? What are your powers?" I looked at Zara as she screamed something "PUPPY!" I had shape shifted into a puppy and everyone crowded around me.

I looked at Milo's eyes then closed mine. I heard his thoughts in my head as I was reading his. (she's so beautiful and cute, in her puppy form, and her normal form.) "Aw. Thanks Milo.

At least somebody thinks I'm cute as my normal self." As I transformed back he looked shocked that I knew what he said. "Did I forget to mention I can read minds? Oh, and I can also fly.

" Everyone in front of me transformed into different Hybrids.

Zara and Zach were half cat / half wolf, Angelica and Anthony were half vampire / half fairy, then when I looked at Milo, my jaw dropped. He was the same as me.

Horns, dragon tail, and angel wings.

I went to hug him and instead, he kissed me. My eye glowed against him as I could see the pink glow. He took contacts out of his eyes and I saw his eyes were pink to.

About 6 years later, Zara and Zach were married, and so were Angelica and Anthony. I went to the beach, to clear my head, and standing there, on one knee, was Milo, holding a diamond ring.

I said yes before he could even ask me the question. My friends and I were 24 and I was so happy, because I was in the arms, of the man that I loved.

After 9 months, we had 2 babies running around the house, One boy with red hair like me, and a girl with black hair like Milo. They love each other but also love to fight.

They were always by each other's side and I hope they always will. My future ended out like this, because I met somebody else like me. With Dragon's Eyes...


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