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When you love someone,You have to be brave.
Brave enough to tell them you love them
Brave enough to watch them love someone else

Watch Him

She watch him as he stare at her.

Of course she's with Joshua,

Staring at the black hair male, who was watching the smiling couple, She watch him as he look away,

She watch him walk away and clench his teeth, as if he regret doing nothing.

She watch him as he walk away chuckling bitterly, walking away, scratching the back of his head.

With that She enter the scene.

"Hey Gil "

She, Mary walk beside him, catching his pace, and when he realize she can't catch up, he walk slowly.

"Quit calling me 'Gil' Mary "

He said rolling his eyes

Mary watch the bird, his pet, landed on his head. Giggling she scoop the bird on his head and set in on her shoulder earning 'Hey' from the certain owner

Slowly backing up as he continue to talk about his nonsense, he didn't realize you were already behind him, glancing at the bird on her shoulder, she let out a deep sigh.

Ever since she was young , she always stick with Gilbert, she watch him hanging out with Eliza , she watch Gilbert argue with Eliza as they keep arguing which one is important, brain or heart ,

of course she knew it was nonsense, both of organs were ilportant they were just to stubborn to listen to her.

She was always there for him, but he isn't for her,he was just to stupid to notice that, She was always there, She always stay on his side,

She watch him get wasted knowing the fact that Eliza and Joshua were dating, most of the time she help him raise his little brother Levi, She was always there for him.

And now, admiring his back, She couldn't help but to let out a chuckle. Bitterly.

She wish he would look at her the same way he look at Eliza, Being to stubborn to admit, or he was just dumb to realize he has feelings for her.

She didn't realize that she couldn't pick up with his pace anymore. The distance between the two of them was now 7 meters, with the bird tweeting to get her attention.

But she in a deep thought to notice that. Before she knew it she already stop walking. Making the distance between the two 10 meters.

Her hair being blown backwards because of the wind with matching snow so is her sky blue coat.

"Marylyn "

She blink.

Looking at the man 10 meters away from her, his black hair swaying because of the wind with matching snow, so is his brown coat.

She wish he could look at her like that, she wish he could love her just like how much she loves him.


"why do you stop? Let's go"

For now

"Whatever you say Gil"

rolling her eyes playfully

She was contented.

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