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Dragon's Lair

My brain always telling me happiness is just around the corner

It will only cost a couple checks and it’ll make all the pain go away

The smile on my face widens as the glow basks my entire body making me feel renewed until it becomes nothing but another piece in my collection of temporary escapes

Yet the need to consume doesn’t go away and only becomes stronger, but I do my best to tell myself no

The whisper that I whisper in my ear seems so convincing

Telling me this is necessity and it's just part of living

However, I remember a boy who didn’t have a lot yet was happy with what he had and now the problem is I know I can have more

Feeding till there is nothing left but bone

Bleeding myself dry

Yet I am starting to realize the beast within

Grinning with delight at the new and shiny gems

I have a room full of diamonds but I still want rubies

Excited to spend money on the chance for another experience

However I am always saying to appreciate the world

There is so much out there like sunsets, clear skies, and adventure that won’t cost me nothing but time

Can I slay this beast within

Take out its diamond eyes and heart of gold and replace it with something more real

This pile of gold felt like a ladder for so long, but now I realize it's created a terrain like quicksand

The time is now to banish the new and indulge in the old

Smile at all I have and not what could’ve been

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