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Cancer patient , Vivienne Brookes wants an adventure , but being isolated and hooked onto a machine providing her medication doesn't mean it's easy for her to experience her dreams ... Is this too much that she can handle ?



Vivienne Brookes is 16 and has brown hair that comes just below the shoulders , its naturally wavy but people thinks she's done it professionally with one of those fancy heat wand curlers,

Her face is round but small , she's got a nice tan as if she's been on holiday for 2 years , instead she's been hooked onto a machine for nearly a year now ,

shes finding it difficult to talk to her friend's from school because she can't get out of her bed , she hates people calling her a 'patient' she knows she's sick ,

she just hates being reminded of it ,Vivienne also says that's not her name.

Vivienne's parent's split up was just starting in the middle of her finding out that she had cancer , ever since, Vivienne hasn't spoken to them either of them ,

she can't handle the stress of them two arguing and being in the same room as of each other, Vivienne spends most of her time flicking through the same T.

V programmes until she finds one good and entertaining for her age, she hates seeing people leave after a week of treatment " they have got better" she says to herself all the time.

The hospital Vivienne is in is called "Potteralls hospital" the hospital is massive and the walls are painted a baby blue colour and the smell of disinfected wipes roams the corridors during

the day but is gone by the night.

Vivienne suffering from cancer isn't half of her worries , it's the feeling she will die without seeing and exploring the world ,

having an adventure outside of the hospital room she is in and the feeling of being isolated because her cancer 'could get worse '.

Vivienne used to have a life and that's what she wishes she still had , the parties , the friends and especially the family ; the parents that were still together and in love with each other.

Vivienne struggles with her stress as of lately she has been losing her gorgeous hair , her breakdowns are becoming more regular and she can't control it , just like her cancer ,

it's very hard to manage , the doctors don't offer support to Vivienne , hence why she is always alone ,

of needles really doesn't help her out.

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