They were Strangers
They were Strangers love stories

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A short story between a guy and a girl who fall in love in the strangest way

They were Strangers

Part 1

They were strangers they never met after that day they would become more than friends. He always saw her on the train in the morning.

He thought she was cute but again they were strangers, as for her she only got happy seeing him get on the train since he always seemed so happy, so peaceful.

She soon wanted to talk to him for hours, what was on his mind she then smiled at him as he returned the smile, then some creep sat next to her,

she knew he was drunk but she thought it was pretty early to be wasted. But the man started flirting with her and trying to lift her skirt, the man she smiled at quickly reacted.

Grabbing her arm and pulling her close to his chest, she heard his heart racing as the smell of the woods overflowed her like a river.

The creep then slowly got up and was attempting to walk towards the two, but the guy was quick and punched the creep in the nose before he could react,

the drunk kept trying to fight back but got punched in the gut as a result. The train doors opened quickly as he pushed her out with him, they got out of the train station as fast as they could.

She still had the scent of him as did he, he smelt his coat as she smelled like a summer breeze. He kindly offered her a coffee, as she dreamed on the train they chatted for hours.

They laughed and understood each other. He then offered if she wanted to stay at his place for the night.

Part 2

Her eyes sparkled in the night she quickly said yes, he chuckled at her and offered his coat since the wind started to dance with the beautiful brown and gold leaves,

she pulled his coat closer it smelled like him as she was happy that his scent and hers were so close just like her and him.

They never knew each other and probably wouldn't unless that creep attacked her.

Even though it was cold he still had a smile on his face, she asked him why he always smiled as he responded he liked her for a very long time and just seeing her made him smile.

She stopped in her tracks blushing like a tomato, all this time he liked her back he soon got concerned and his smile turned to a frown.

She looked at his sad face and soon cried, he hugged her tightly and said that he loves her and that he hoped that she felt the same.

She blushed even more and like a mouse, she said yes as he leaned in and kissed her head she smiled and soon giggled as did he,

as they walked they looked up and saw the stars shining brighter than ever.

The leaves danced as the stars lighted their path, they soon arrived towards his home he was so kind and caring towards her she couldn't believe he confesses his feelings for her already.

His home was so inviting the smell was just like him, he soon made noodles for the both of them.

Part 3

He told her that he only had one bed and that she can use it and he can have the couch, he was so romantic she thought but she disagreed with him,

she wanted to feel safe so she wanted to sleep together.

They finished their noodles as he washed the bowls she was already in the bed snug as a bug,

he soon joined her as his body was very warm she cuddled up next to him and kissed his cheek and soon fell asleep.

He woke early she was still sound asleep, as he did his normal routine and he went outside and watched the sunset as he soon started to chop the wood, then made some breakfast for both of them.

She smelled the flapjacks and jumped out of the sheets and ran towards the kitchen while he was singing and making breakfast, he soon saw her watching him and blushed.

She ate all of the amazing breakfast that was on her plate as he was happy that she enjoyed his cooking. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, he made her complete.

She wore his clothing as he washed her's as they watched some movies he then took her outside where his lake was opening its arms inviting them to say good morning.

He told her to look in the water as the fish jumped out of the water waving at the new visitor as they smiled and waved back.

Part 4

They soon went back into town as she had to go back home, he felt empty seeing her leave.

He then went to the market and wanted to find something special for her when she returns to his loving arms. He found a beautiful necklace as he looked at the gems he could see her smiling face.

He then returned home waiting for a sign of life but no life appeared as she wasn't here with him,

he waited by the phone all night as the moon waved towards him as he slowly waved to the moon goodnight.

He soon cried fearing that he may never get to see her again, as for her she was scared to tell him the truth. He awoke like yesterday but not seeing her next to him.

He then heard the phone ringing as he answered it, it was her but he knew something was wrong because of her voice.

She was trembling, crying about what she had to tell him, she soon told him after he comforted her. Tears started going down his face hitting the floor, she and her family were moving to u.s.

Since her father got a new job there and they wanted her to come.

He couldn't believe it the love of their life getting ripped away, she only had today to leave and by tonight she said she would be gone.

She and he cried wishing this couldn't happen to them now, he told her that he needed to give her something as he said he would be there soon.

She fell to the floor crying as she loved him so much.

Part 5

He arrived in the early evening as he knocked on the door, it flung open as she hugged him tightly he gave her the jacket that he gave her after the coffee shop,

and he gave her the beautiful necklace. She kissed him as what felt like forever, tears from both joined together as they fell to the wooden steps below.

Her parents were done, the sun was saying its goodbyes as the moon started to say hello.

They kissed goodbye as he watched her and her parents drive into the dying sunset, he started to cry as he knew he wouldn't see her for a very long time,

he soon arrived home as he played on the couch and dreamed about her. She was on the plane, trying not to cry knowing she won't be able to see him for a long time.

His life went as normal and very rarely he would get calls from his lover, as her life was all new as she met tons of people and tried different foods,

he continued to work to be alone by the lakeside. He recorded him playing the guitar and singing, wishing she could be here to witness and listen to his voice.

She sometimes forgot about her love since she was much busier in America.

He would go to bed alone as it felt different without her there, days passed and the phone calls slowly came to a deadly end.

He would slowly cry knowing she was having more fun over there, and yet she was having tons of friends and some guys that were into her.

She soon forgot about her lover back in her home town, as he made no friends he could make none as a kid. And as it carried until his adulthood.

Part 6

Years have passed, and yet he still never dared talk or flirted with any girl unless it was his love, but she has forgotten about him as she hardly wore the things he gave her.

She dated tons of guys but yet every night she would feel like something was missing from her life.

He worked and sung as he missed her, but she didn't feel the same she changed more than he could ever imagine. She was dating tons of guys, as he never dated one girl.

He tried calling but she must have gotten a new phone number or she just doesn't call anymore.

He soon started getting depressed as she was the first and the last girl he ever had feelings for, he didn't want to get up from his bed since that was the point no one would miss him,

as he heard a knock on his door he thought. Could this be here? As he ran to the door he opened it in as his eyes met no one but only a lonely package at his feet.

He picked up the box and as he read where it came he got excited as it was from her.

He thought she must not have forgotten about him, but when he opened the box there laid the beautiful necklace and his jacket.

As the note read it was from her mother she wanted to throw out the items as they meant nothing towards her anymore, but the mother knew it was her lover's items when they moved to America.

He cried after reading the note how could she do such a thing, why... why he put the box in a closet.

He couldn't deal looking at it anymore, he thought she still loved him but it looks like she moved on and forever forgot about him.

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