They were Strangers ( rest of the parts)
They were Strangers ( rest of the parts) love stories

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The ending of this story, I'm super glad people like it and I hope you enjoy this.

They were Strangers ( rest of the parts)

Part 7

Five years passed as he works and forgets about her,

as he was in the town he heard a whole bunch of Americans he thought they were just tourists he soon saw her in the middle messing with a piece of paper.

She was trying to find her loved one, her mother thought she wanted to throw out her lover's items as she thought they were one of her ex's things.

When he saw her he paid for his items and started to head home, as he put the food away he grabbed his guitar and sat by the lake and continued to sing as he tried to forget who he saw.

Her friends were getting bored, asking her why she was wasting so much time trying to find this guy, he must have forgotten that he left the door unlocked or he just didn't care.

She went through as she explained all about this place.

She felt happy to be back as they heard faintly outside his singing as she ran to the back of the door she saw him floating in the middle of the lake on his old trusty boat,

he didn't hear them head toward the lake but he could hear her telling about the old times. He didn't notice but he was slowly coming to the bank where they all sat and listened to his singing.

He opened his eyes he saw her after all these years, he continued to sing.

She thought to herself how much she missed him until death, he slowed his signing as they started to open their eyes and to their surprise,

he was sitting there next to her She cried as she hugged him. Even though he wanted to forget about her he could never.

Part 8

The friends all cried as these old love birds are back, she said that she was sorry for everything and that she wants to live with him forever.

He kissed her soft lips he agreed and picked up her and they went inside for noodles, he started to make them dinner as she told them how they met and all the thing they did back then.

He then went to the closet and pulled out the necklace and his jacket and her surprise he put the necklace on her.

She saw the shining gemstones smiling back at her, he wiped her tears with his hand.

After they ate all of her friends even she asked what he did all these years, and he said the same thing I've been done.

He told them that he waited for her calls, waited for everything but nothing came.

She felt horrible since she should have said something, anything at all but he soon understood why she forgot even though it was more pain he ever felt before.

He always found a way to fix it, the night appeared waving at the new guests.

Their friends slept on the couch as for him and she slept in the bed where their first date happened,

she missed cuddling next to him as she waited for him to deflower her as she wanted to be married to him since that day.

Moring arrived he got up and made flapjacks for everyone as she was the first to run in and to get his best-made flapjacks.


He planned tonight was the night he would propose to his old love, on the lake while her friends watched on the bank.

She saw him thinking but yet smiling that same old smile, that she fell in love with so long ago.

Still loved to this day their friends really loved his food and even asked if he had a recipe that they could use but of course there was no secret it was just made by an amazing lover

she thought. That day her friends went into town while she and he caught up on what happened in their lives.

He knew she changed in so many ways but she never seemed to change when she was with him, evening appeared and her friends were just getting back went they saw the two out on the lake,

he sung as she smiled and kissed his head. So they watched and when he stopped playing the guitar he got on one knee, her friends knew what was going to happen.

They were freaking out as he pulled open the box that sat in all its beauty, a beautiful diamond ring as he asked her to marry him.

She quickly said yes as he put the ring on her finger and rowed back to where her friends were.

They asked how much the ring must have cost as his only response was, it doesn't matter how much money, it's the amount of love he had towards her.

She began to cry of joy as she hugged him really tightly and kissed on their soft lips as it has been like forever.

Part 10

Their wedding was soon after that they said she was pregnant, her parents were proud of her and her friends were too.

As for him he had no one to congregation him but that didn't bother him, he was getting married to his only true love one and that's the only that mattered.

She couldn't believe her old and longest wish was coming true. She was going to have his kids and she was now married to him, they both felt they were in paradise.

There wedding was almost ready she was so nervous but excited, there he was waiting as he sees her coming to the aisle walking towards him.

The man spoke he said to her would you take this man as your husband until death do you both, she said yes.

He asked the same towards him and he said yes the man announced that he may kiss the bride, he and her kissed what felt like years flying through their hair.

He picked her up as the crowd cheered, they were finally married and they were the happiest people ever.

Months went by and she had their baby a little girl as they sang her songs, they watched her grow up and they grew old.

Their daughter was just as beautiful as her mother and had the singing talents of her father,

years passed their daughter and kids had always visited their grandparents and they would ask about the story on how they met. The End

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