The Mask
The Mask  horror stories

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The boy who wore the mask, sat quietly in the classroom.

The Mask

The boy who wore the mask sat quietly in the classroom. He saw through his mask his crush walked through the door. He began to sweat as she was the most beautiful girl in the school.

His backpack covered in different masks to hide the thing under it. He saw her sit down right in front of him.

He was shocked as she started to stare at him for a moment, it felt like time stopped she tilted her head looking at his mask. A confused emotion took over the girl's face as her own mask...

The boy sat there trying not to move or make a sound, then it hit an explosion just five feet away, blowing him and the girl down to the ground.

He sat up quickly to check if the girl was Ok but her body parts missing, gone ripped off like a toy.

He went quickly over to her his tears fell out of the mask hitting the pools of blood, his crush that he has loved for so long gone.

He reached into his bag and grabbed his knife and started to peel off her face from her lifeless body, as he stared at it crying more through his mask.

He put her face gently into his bag and started to run out of the broken window. His leg started to bleed through his jeans as some glass struck him as he got out.

He ran as fast as he could as he heard more explosions behind him, he ran to his home in the woods as his hands were covered in her blood so he didn't wash his hands because it...was her..

blood and he loved everything about her. He locked the wood door and dropped his bag on the desk as he pulled out her fleshy face.

It was still bloody and warm but he didn't care as he started to do work on it making it His mask, and His only.

What felt like years the boy finished as His new mask was complete and he was proud of his work. And he knew if she was alive she would be proud too.

As he walked through the kitchen to the old black stained wood door. He opened the door as he turned on the light, the masks reflecting the light off them.

He had thousands but this one was his number one mask. As he walked further down the room he stopped at a gold hook.

He gently placed the string on it and stood there looking at his most prized possession.

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