A girl I had a crush on once an upon
A girl I had a crush on once an upon love stories

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A old story of a girl I liked in high school and still kinda like to this day

A girl I had a crush on once an upon

He woke up in a sweat the dreams of that girl always makes him act like this, he never talked to her in his class before but he had a big crush on her even though she was a lower grade.

He looked at his phone five in the morning. fuck it he said to himself.

He decided to make something to drink as he took a shower he thought if she felt the same since she stared at him and Derek when she does it looks like she always has a smile on her face.

He thought he got out of a pretty toxic relationship and he knew a few girls already asked him out, he didn't even know them why now?

he got in his jeans and a band tee and started to go for a walk to the small seven eleven.

As he was almost there he saw her the girl from his class her hair was a bit crazy and she was still in her pajamas but she was still cute none the less,

as they made eye contact she started to blush and was pretty surprised to see him, hey there Akemi he said as she started to blush even more.

All she could get out was a small hi back as he asked her if he could walk with her to the store and she can get whatever she wants and he'll pay.

She quickly nodded and as bright as a tomato, as they chatted he soon found out that she was single too and that she lived right behind him.

As they went in he grabbed a monster as she got a few drinks of some sort and he got some beer.

As they started to leave she gave him her number and they went their ways, as she ran off blushing he funnily yelled at her saying next time don't look like a cute red tomato!

He walked into his house as he got ready and started to get his car ready, and as a nice gesture he would ask if she wanted a ride to school.

He was waiting for her when she came out in a pretty dress with her hair in a bun,

she got in she was still blushing as they headed to school they started to get out as she hugged him pretty tightly almost crying as she rushed off to the entrance of the school.

He was just confused ad if he did something wrong.

He got a text from her during lunch to come and talk to her, he agreed and met her in the ocean science room the windows were open and the warm summer breeze flew in.

She sat there watching adventure time, as he walked in she looked up and blushed as he walked in he sat next to her and asked what she wanted to talk about.

She told him that she had feelings for him as she blushed and started to say sorry that if it was to soon.

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