answering @khani's questions
answering @khani's questions latenightidiocy stories

xt im boredddddddddddddddddddddddd 😭
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yooo go follow @khani

she is amazing!!!!

answering @khani's questions

im to lazy to do the O.G. questions so you can see the post to get them

1. my little 5 yr old cousin says " bye suckers" every time he is saying bye to me

2. i haven't had any real karen encounters so yeahhhh

3. I would say me but there is probably someone else so idk

4. i dont have a favorite song cause it changes a lot but right now it would be 'parents' by YUNGBLUD

5. right now i think its NEFFEX or YUNGBLUD but it changes a lot

6. uhhh idk there is too many options but one is climbing a tree in the middle of the night cause i fell (or jumped depends on who you ask) out of it and broke my ankle T-T

7. soo i said something about this before but this one bitch was all over me trying to fight me and i was saying "im not scared of you" to her and backing up and she was like "why are you backing up then" and my friend said "cause your rubbing your tits on her and no one wants that" (XD its was amazing!!!!)

8. ummm no comment cause i have friends who know me irl on here sooooo yeahhh

9. damn it!!! i had a really good one recently but i cant remember it!!!!!

10. i have two springer spaniels (dogs)

11. @tipsie !!!!!! i saw this a lot but she is my best bitch and i am sooo freaking proud of her and her work!!!! (if yall didnt know im 'SAM' the one she sometimes talks about (disclaimer- thats not my real name!! its just what she calls me cause i dont want creeps knowing my real name XD)

12. uhhh i dont really have any but i think the story im working on is something im really proud of (yes it is happening but its taking a hell of a long time to write cause of writers block and laziness)

13. uhhhh idk

14. deadh00kerst0rage 100% the BEST wifi name i have seen EVER XD

15. no, fuck no!!! anxiety is a bitch about those things -.- but seriously i cant even order my own food without someone's help, let alone complain!! no thanks. ill suck it up and eat it

ok well thats all!!! okiiiii baiiii <3

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