answering @ganesh_bani's questions
answering @ganesh_bani's questions ganesh_bani stories

xt im boredddddddddddddddddddddddd 😭
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yall go follow @ganesh_bani and answer these questions!! they are really fun to answer

answering @ganesh_bani's questions

im doing both male and female cause im really bored and cause why not but anyways lets start

how many girls could go a day without laughing? I have gone a few months without laughing but that was cause some shit happened and i didn't really show any emotions but anger.

how many boys could watch their favorite show and not sleep for four consecutive nights? damn i never really noticed it till now but yeah i do

how many girls lie everyday and if you do what is the average number of lies? damnnnn calling me out now- but yeah i lie everyday and it varies from once a day to up to 23... i think is my top amount as of now (what can i say i lie a hell of a lot)

how many boys would get jealous if they saw their girlfriend being hugged by her ex? im not a male but i do have a gf and if i saw my gf being hugged by her ex (i dont know if she has any tho) i would be more scared than jealous cause i would think she is cheating or something

ladies have you ever told a lie to get out of trouble? damnnnn ur calling me out so much bro!! but yeah i do that a lot, but really who hasn't? no one wants to get caught so a little white lie every once in a while wont hurt.

gents have you ever read a gay story and liked it but your straight? well im not straight but i was and i had this happen a lot with gay/lesbian/polly fan fictions and i liked those

how many ladies here read erotic novels or comics and would do it again? ummm imma just be honest yes i have a lot and i would do it again ngl

how many guys here sleep shirtless? im not a guy but i do (but i wear a sports bra so sorry any pervy asses out there)

that is all!! this was really fun answering these!! sorry if there was any TMI info in this (mainly the last question XD) yall go follow @ganesh_bani

okiiiiiii byeeeee

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