You left me, but I'm sorry
You left me, but I'm sorry alive stories

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You left me alone in the dark, and now I'm here screaming I'm sorry

You left me, but I'm sorry

by Yasmin Audrey Datario

I saw you today and you smiled

I was so happy that you finally noticed me

After that day we began to be friends

Then suddenly my days were filled with your bright smiles

I told you that I loved you and you replied with...

You're too late.

The next day I went to your house

It's like my world stopped moving

I knew I didn't deserve this, neither did you

Im sorry, Im sorry for not saving you

You left me, I just wish I was here earlier

You killed yourself, and I didn't know why

You were filled with joy, but I didn't see your eyes

I knew you would cry yourself to sleep

I didn't then, but now? I know

I'm too late. Im sorry.

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