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Penny for my thoughts? Well, here they are.

City Lights

by xSaudadex

Oh the city lights they shine too bright, sometimes I forget that darkness is sometimes to my right.

Brightness and darkness, they are the opposites but without one, the other will not be fine.

City lights, I see you from my window, Sometimes I look out just to see the serene view to calm my mind

My mind with thoughts that could kill you if you knew, constantly telling me I was never enough

My mind full of negativity like an opaque object blocking the positivity out.

I tremble, stutter, fidget and cry in fear only to find out that only the buildings from afar can calm me down.

Sometimes I wish, cities are not polluted, imagine seeing a view so breathless with no black air covering the land.

Breathing in the air so fresh and alive, but instead of that I smell gas from a near vicinity.

The cars, the motorcycles, the gadgets and the factories we do need you, but with you the once healthy land will die.

The dream of our architects and engineers have turned into a nightmare

The oh so perfect dream, where everything was better and had no problems until we saw it for ourselves

City lights, you are beautiful, but beauty comes with an expensive price, that even our future won't be enough to pay for it.

City lights I hope you weren't so complicated, I adore and admire you but the life of this planet is better than beauty,

So goodbye city lights, I need to breathe the air from tall trees, see unkept grasses and get astonished by the wild life.

but then I remember it's the latter we said goodbye to, goodbye nature, goodbye life.

So today, I want to change how we all think I want my Nature back. I want to return to the thing I said goodbye to. Today, I will start fresh and ALIVE.

Let's appreciate the beauty of what this world offers us, and know our limitations.

The End

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