Killing Spiders On My Own


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A poem I wrote a couple of years ago that I realized is still relatable to my life today.

Killing Spiders On My Own

When you’re younger, you have people to do things for you

You feel so little and dependent on everyone else

And you can’t wait to grow up

And do things on your own

When you’re younger, you have someone to kill spiders for you,

hold your hand when you cross the street,

make your dentist and doctor appointments for you,

And go with you everywhere you go

You want to be older,

you want to have independence

But what you don’t realize––

is that your childhood will be over before you know it

Now you’re older, and you do things for other people

You feel so big and independent

And you wish you hadn’t grown up

And did things on your own

When you’re older, you have to kill your own spiders

No one holds your hand anymore

You make your own dentist and doctor appointments

And you go places on your own

You want to be younger again

You want to be dependent again

But what you realize is––

Your childhood is over

And you have to kill spiders on your own

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