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Take it slow

Posted by: XOShadow Enjoy!

Slowly bending, and I'm bound to break

Slowly killing, and I cannot shake

These feelings

that I will not make it

And everyday I have to go on faking

That I'm fine, and I cannot take it.

I want a home of my own

A place to go when nobody else is home

I keep fighting but these demons inside

They eat me alive

Put them away but they cannot hide

Always on my mind

Even when I try they are always there

I gasp but I can't find air

The nightmares they never go away

Every night I'm stuck and I can't be saved

I fuck up everything good in my life

I should be use to it now

but I cannot find the peace I need to be able to shine

I do it to myself and I know that this time

Somehow can't grow my wings to fly

I don't know how to be alone

or how to run the show

I can't even make my own decisions!

I know I have to do something to finally be okay

Is it go home? or just stay away?

"Take it day by day"

At least that's what they say

"Keep your head up and just shake it off"

My head may be hard but my heart is soft

Trying so hard to get back on my feet

But every time I end up hitting my knees

I feel so weak

I've made it through so much worse than this

But I cannot miss

All the feelings that I do not belong

Sing the chorus and they cut the song

It's my life and I'm losing control !

Spinning in circles

and I can't find home

Oh wait, I had it

but now it's gone

Slowly bending and I'll prolly break

Better bring the tape

But I'll be okay

It's the only option at this point

It's time for me to reach out

and grab control

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