I'm Alone
I'm Alone
 traumatic stories
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xoshadow ♡ Girl ♡ 14 year old ♡ Denmark ♡
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I'm Alone

Enjoy! by xoshadow

Feeling alone,

scared and deep despair

Did you know how much I cared?

You touched my heart and soul

But beat me down and raped my joy

Feeling lost,

confused, and can't cope

Just because you couldn't stay away from the dope

I tried to help you in life

Now I'm living with flashbacks and strife

You are sitting in a jail cell

While I'm facing the world of hell

Covering up my bruises,

making so many excuses

Trying to face the world

day by day

Not wanting these traumatic emotions to stay

I gave you everything I could give

Now emotionally I can barely live

You took everything from me

Will I ever be free?

I loved you,

obviously your love was untrue

Your evil and anger showed through

I'm alone, scared, hurt and don't know what to do

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