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I want to taste jealousy on your lips,

when you kiss me

I want you to know that I don’t fucking need you

That there’s another guy that lives just down the street...

that would love to fuck me any day

I want to feel like, you need me to stay.

When you hold me, I want to feel like you’ll never let me go

I want to know, that you’re afraid of loosening you grip

Afraid that I might slip into the arm, of that man, down the road.

I want you to fear me.

Fear the power I have over you

The power to leave you ...

if I fucking wanted to

I want you to know that I’m not tied down to you

And I want that to make your body shake

Like an earthquake.


I want to feel like I have the power to make you crumble.

You had that power over me once.

Before I remembered that I was just someone for you to fuck

Your own personal


Something to make your heart numb to the pain of her leaving you

But now

your growing feelings

Becoming attached

But the time for that

is past

I've been hallowed out,


you’re my toy now.

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