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Enjoy! By XOShadow

Depression is running through my head.

These thoughts make me think of death,

a darkness which blanks my mind.

A walk through the graveyard,

what can I find?

Black shadows walk in between the graves,

How many lives have not been saved?

Six feet under, if not more,

How I'd like to go down and explore The feeling of lying in a box.

I can't get out,

is it locked?

Is it day or is it night?

Are birds singing ' or have bats taken to flight?

I know one day this is where I'll go,

Am I afraid?

I don't think so!

Will I be able to explore the feeling of death?

Will I be able to explore the feeling of death?

Or will I be a shadow in between the graves?

Will I know how many lives have not been saved?

After this life is there another one?

With a different moon and a different sun.

I won't go to hell as I'm already there,

A place full of sadness, a place full of despair.

So there's nothing to live for..... future....... past...........

So I might as well end it, end this life at last.

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